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There are several explanations about the after-sales service of Nanjing Nongfu mountain spring pure water Xinjiekou water delivery center;

1. As for how to order water, the customer must make an appointment for the water more than 3 hours in advance when ordering the water again. After 4 p.m., the water may be the first delivery in the morning the next day.

2. As for the water dispenser, do not place the water dispenser on the wood floor, because it can not guarantee that the water dispenser and bucket will never be damaged. If they are damaged, they will leak water and cause damage to the wood floor. Our company is not responsible for this.

3. There are two reasons for the moss in the barreled water: (1) the moss will be produced in a short time when it is exposed to the sun. (2) Water in too long

4. The quality guarantee period of bottled water is 30 days, and it is better to use it up in a week after opening.



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