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We are a large-scale bottled drinking water distribution organization in Nanjing, with perfect marketing, distribution and delivery system. Our products cover bottled water (purified water mineral water mountain spring water), drinking fountains, water purifiers, boiling water, etc. With a number of water supply network, can provide you with timely and thoughtful water service.

Main products: 179 purified water, 179 mineral drinking water, Evergrande bottled water, Nongfu mountain spring, binglu Chunyue, Wahaha and other famous bottled water, and boxed water and small bottled water. We have a number of water supply network, water supply area can be covered; Xuanwu District, Gulou District, Jianye District_ Qinhuai District, Qixia District and Jiangning District.

The company has a special water ordering system. When customers call to order water, the computer system will automatically jump out of the customer record information that has been stored, automatically generate the distribution area where the customer is located, realize accurate order delivery, and deliver water to your home more quickly.

Our service concept: in the same products to provide you with better prices, in the same price to provide you with better service! Welcome to choose the related products of Nanjing 179 pure water company, we will serve you wholeheartedly! Nanjing 179 industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is always welcome to your hotline consultation and purchase!



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